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Ban The Booths

Ban The Booths – Rewilding Education #5

Ban the Booths

Imagine using isolation booths in schools post lockdown? Now we have all experienced months of isolation perhaps we will finally understand that isolating children in booths, sometimes for a shocking 5 consecutive days is not only (proven to be) ineffective but is also cruel.

This might seem like an issue solely for the 500 UK schools who use them, but by turning a blind eye, we give this ‘zero tolerance’ approach a pathway to become normalised and its effects will seep like a poison through the veins of wider society.

#banthebooths campaign believes deep confinement isolation booths to be a breach of the UN charter on the rights of the child. It also believes these booths are disproportionately occupied by children with special needs, vulnerable children affected by trauma and BIPOC.

Having done supply teaching in some very tough schools in Crawley and Hastings over a 2 year period, I do understand the nature of the behaviour challenges schools face. But isolation booths are a deeply disturbing trend (and not to be confused with chill out areas for children with sensory processing difficulties).

How did we get to a point where we think this kind of treatment of children is OK?

For further information visit BanTheBooths website. For an exploration into alternatives to the mainstream reward/punishment model read anything by Alfie Kohn and/or Marshall B.Rosenberg