Plastic Free Living

It’s Plastic Free July!

I am joining in #GOplasticfree again this year with The Marine Conservation Society. All details for signing up are here.

plastic challenge veg

Last year I made a few changes which have become permanent, so I think the trick is to tackle plastic habits one at a time. I am going to be writing 4 blog posts with tips on reducing plastic in your bathroom, kitchen, for those with pets and for big events like festivals or camping.

In my posts I am going to focus on plastic free ideas that are cheap and practical. There are a lot of plastic free alternatives and swaps on the market that require you to spend more money, but I really want the ideas I include here to be accessible to everyone.

L&T will hopefully be making a film of their favourite plastic free life hacks. So watch this space!

Plastic is choking, starving and poisoning our oceans. Let’s unite in our effort to prevent an environmental disaster by each doing our bit to make simple changes to our plastic-overloaded lifestyle.

Here’s a poem I like by Hollie McNish taken from her book, ‘Plum’ which I thought you might enjoy because it illustrates so well how pointless a lot of plastic is.


The production of water bottles uses 17 million barrels of oil a year and it takes three times the water to make the bottle as it does to fill it’ – a business insider

there’s not much

i find as pointless

as plastic bottles

filling shores


there’s not much

for me that sums up

why less

is often more


than fresh water

wrapped in plastic

making money

sold and branded


there’s not much

i find as pointless

as plastic bottles

filling shores


water packaged

then sold back to us

now polluting

its own source


By Hollie McNish


****UPDATE Sept 2018******

O’h dear, I am useless at recording these challenges! We have worked hard to reduce our plastic this summer, but somehow I just never found the time to write about it all. I will though, I promise, it’s just I have a head full of other urgent things that I need to write down too, and so the promised posts will come, I just can’t tell you exactly when!