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Wild but busy!

I had planned to write every week this month about our 30 Days Wild activities, but everything went a bit crazy for a couple of weeks. We were all hit by a horrid virus and I personally had a lot of other deadlines and also ran my first (and possibly my last!) plastic campaign stall for The Marine Conservation Society.

As much as I have enjoyed the other ways to volunteer, I didn’t find running a stall really played to my strengths. Anyway, I did it, and it did give me a chance to spend lots of time talking to the guy running the Wildlife Trust stall next to me. He gave me lots of 30 Days Wild ideas, and I’m sure we will try them over the summer, even if we don’t manage to squeeze them into the June challenge.

Despite being busy we have still managed to get outdoors a lot: walking the dog; making woodland characters from clay; discovering fairy homes; riding; learning about birds of prey; spending time with cousins; being buried in sand by friends!


We still have so many plans for 30 Days Wild, which will probably run into the rest of the summer now. They both want to try windsurfing and T wants to try kayaking; we want to do our first ‘wild swim’ by the end of June; L&T would like to find the right location for the bat boxes they made and we have lots of new walks planned. O’h and I made a local contact who does a lot of conservation work with hedgehogs, which T is interested in following up this summer.

I’m writing the list here to encourage me to make it all happen!