A Solstice Baby and Other Adventures

Our week in pictures:

Cuddles with Legend are the best way to start the day!
We spent the morning making food for a Solstice celebration lunch. L made summer cupcakes and T made a sunshine loaf. We invited Papa (my Dad) to join us.


We had another reason for celebrations; the birth of L and T’s 8th cousin! Welcome to the world baby William! A solstice baby, how incredibly special.
It was a magical day but meeting their new cousin would have to wait a little, so the guinea pigs just had to do!
Legend looked on as T played with numbers on Tuesday morning.
Ninja nine! T worked on a story to help him remember which way round 9 goes.
Books, books and more books this week. L has been the family book worm for the past 2 years, but T is catching up and I have had to be open-minded about some of his choices! Goosebumps anyone?
A freshly baked banana cake and some roses from our garden for our visit to meet baby William on Wednesday. O’h my goodness, what a beautiful little boy he is. L wanted to sneak him home.
Thursday brought fun and games in the woods at our woodland group. L and T had hours of running about with their friends, whilst the grown-ups chatted and cooked around the fire.
L has requested more structure and more ‘work’, so some of what we do now looks a little more like traditional learning. Meanwhile, T likes to keep moving, casting spells on all of us as he rushes excitedly around the house. Expelliarmus!
And me? This week I’ve been making summer jams in my spare moments, and slowly digesting Britain’s vote to leave the EU. What a week!

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